KEVIN MURPHY Plumping Rinse
KEVIN MURPHY Plumping Rinse
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KEVIN MURPHY Plumping Rinse

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Treat fine, thin or aging hair to a lavish level of conditioning goodness with Kevin Murphy's PLUMPING RINSE. This luxurious RINSE delivers essential nourishment to help restore thickness, and boost volume, while imparting sublime shine and silky-soft texture.


  • Essential ingredients hydrate the hair
  • Protects and strengthens hair from root to tip
  • Thickens hair while adding volume and bounce
  • Delivers intense shine and silky-softness
  • Ideal for all hair types, especially fine and aging hair
  • Sulphate-Free, Paraben-Free and Cruelty-Free


APPLY. ABSORB. RINSE. Apply to freshly washed hair and allow the hair to absorb the benefits for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse. Can be used daily, and as part of our THICKENING regimen. For optimal plumping results, use after PLUMPING Wash and finish with BODY MASS.


Rice Amino Acids condition, strengthen, and expands the diameter of the hair shaft to add thickness with a luxurious silky sheen.

Shea Butter delivers moisture to dry or damaged hair from root to tip, and helps repair and protect against environmental stressors, dryness, and brittleness. Quickly absorbing, this naturally-good-for-you butter helps rehydrate the hair and scalp without clogging the cuticles.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and acts as a natural conditioning agent to restore sheen, luster, and shine.

Extracts of Ginger Root and Nettle leaves the scalp feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Acai Berry Extract, known for its anti-aging benefits, is an antioxidant rich “super-fruit” with essential vitamins to add luminous shine.

Packed with an abundance of antioxidant and vitamin goodness, Bamboo Extract is a rich source of mineral nourishment and a key ingredient to protect the integrity of the hair while adding a natural-looking shine and luster to the hair.

Sugar Cane is a natural AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid that exfoliates and removes dead skin, oily residue and dirt from the scalp. By cleaning and unclogging the pores and follicles, new hair grows more easily, and essential nutrients are better absorbed to help stimulate and nourish the follicles.


The thickening trio: PLUMPING Wash, PLUMPING Rinse, and BODY MASS is a must-have for anyone with thin, fine, or aging hair. Used together, they will help your hair appear full and fabulous with the added benefit of ingredients to maintain the integrity of your hair's health. Packed with antioxidant goodness, super-fruits, and essential Amino Acids, they are a powerhouse to boost fine and/or aging hair.

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