Davines VIEW Clear Gloss

Davines VIEW Clear Gloss

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VIEW is Davines Demi-permanent tone-on-tone color with acidic pH. The Clear Gloss can be mixed with Davines Activator 10 Volume to give extraordinary shine to the hair, or it can be used with the various VIEW shades to reduce color intensity.


  • Gentle on hair
  • Formulated with Natural Polyglycerols extracted from Olive Oil
  • Acidic pH prevents hair breakage
  • Adds an incredible gloss shine to all hair tones
  • Made from Natural Origin Ingredients


Mix VIEW Clear Gloss with Davines Activator 10 Volume.

Mixing Ratio for VIEW


60mL VIEW Gloss + 60mL Activator 10 Volume


Apply to clean damp hair and develop for 20 minutes.


Once development time is complete, rinse Gloss mixture from hair. Shampoo and condition with Davines OI regimen

*Note: The Gloss can be mixed at any desired ratio with any of the VIEW Color Shades to adjust the color intensity level. For example: To reduce intensity of color by 1/2, mix 30mL Gloss with 30mL VIEW Color Shade and 60mL Activator 10 Volume. Adjust ratio for your optimal result

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