Davines The Century of Light Progress Lightening Powder

Davines The Century of Light Progress Lightening Powder

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Davines The Century of Light Progress is a multipurpose premium hair lightening powder containing Hair Protective Booster to protect the hair structure while offering up to 9 levels of lift. Progress forms a creamy texture when mixed with Davines Activator, and is ideal for partial and total bleaching and colour removal treatments.

Davines' proprietary Hair Protective Booster is formulated with the strengthening power of maleic acid, along with the strong antioxidant power of lipoic acid, which protects the hair structure from oxidative damage. This allows for a damage-free lightening service.


  • Lilac tinted powder
  • Lightens up to 9 Levels on natural or cosmetically coloured hair
  • Hair Protective Booster protects hair during lightening process
  • Ideal for off-the-scalp application
  • Odorless
  • For use with Davines Activator, Volumes 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40


Select appropriate Davines Activator for your desired result

Activator Strength

Desired Result

5 volume

Up to 3 levels of lightening

10 volume

Up to 4 levels of lightening

20 volume

Up to 5 levels of lightening

30 volume

Up to 7 levels of lightening

40 volume

Up to 9 levels of lightening


Mix Progress with Activator

Mixing Ratio


60g Progress + 90mL Activator


Apply to dry hair and process up to 40 minutes. No heat is required.


Rinse thoroughly, and shampoo/condition with your favorite Davines regimen.