ALFAPARF BB Bleach High Lift 9

ALFAPARF BB Bleach High Lift 9

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ALFAPARF BB Bleach products are formulated with Double Bond Reconstruction to act as a protection booster for hair, repairing damaged areas even as it lightens.

BB Bleach High Lift 9 is designed for dark or previously colored hair, offering up to 9 levels of lift

An innovative white powder to keep the lightening level always under control.

  • Easy to mix
  • Non-volatile texture that becomes creamy and maintains even consistency when mixed
  • Stable blend
  • Ideal for bleaching very dark hair, natural or dyed
  • Ideal for previously colored hair

Step 1:

Determine desired level of lift, and select appropriate OXID'O Developer strength

OXID'O Developer %

Usage & Levels of Lift

OXID’O 10 Vol. (3%)

For Toning and 1 Level of Lift

OXID’O 20 Vol. (6%)

3-4 Levels of Lift

OXID’O 30 Vol. (9%)

5-7 Levels of Lift

OXID’O 40 Vol. (12%)

7-9 Levels of Lift

NOTE: HIGH LIFT is not recommended for on-scalp application. For on-scalp application, use Easy Lift 7

 Step 2:

Mix HIGH LIFT Powder with OXID'O Developer

Mixing Ratio


50g HIGH LIFT Powder+ 3.5 oz OXID’O Developer

Step 3:

Develop for up to 50 minutes

Step 4:

Rinse hair, and finish with preferred shampoo and conditioner.